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20 May 2024
Public talk, "Global Order and Multilateralism: Adaptation beyond the State";
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore

I'll be giving a talk based on research proposals I'm currently working on. Registration details here (in-person only)

21 March 2024
New research article on Belarus
"From Frying Pan to Fire: War, Peace and the Forging of a Belarusian Nation"

A new article has been published in the Journal of Belarusian Studies. It can be read here.
Please contact me if you do not have access and would like a copy.

20 March 2024
Film screening: "This Kind of Hope": Andrei Sannikov's Life for a European Democratic Belarus
I organised a screening at the University of Warwick of the new documentary film, "This Kind of Hope", about Belarusian politician and activist Andrei Sannikov's life. The screening was followed by a conversation with Andrei, and it was one of only three screenings while he is visiting the UK.

14 March 2024
Workshop "Belarus in Focus: Society and Foreign Relations in a Dynamic Regional Landscape";
psala University, Sweden
I participated in this workshop, where I gave a presentation about the Lukashenka regime's positioning during the Russo-Ukrainian war. Details here.

28 February 2024
A European Perspecti
ve for Belarus
IDSMBEE organised an event to discuss
the policy paper "Analysing the European Perspective for Belarus" written by Roza Turarbekova
and Victoria Leukavets; I presented some feedback
on the paper. 

27 January 2024
"The 'intertwined' fate of Belarus and Ukraine"
I wrote a blog on Ukraine and Belarus linked pasts and futures.

8 January 2024

Warwick Belarus-Ukraine Hub (WUB Hub)
I have joined the Warwick Ukraine-Belarus Hub at the University of Warwick as a research fellow.

12 December 2023
"Civil Resistance: Belarus 2020+"
There will be a public screening of Jon Parker's documentary film "Civil Resistance: Belarus" in London. The screening is followed by a panel discussion that includes me. Details and registration link here.

2 December 2023

Is There Such a Thing as Belarus?
I will give a talk to the Anglo-Belarusian Society in London about the history of Belarus. Details here. 
All welcome.

28 November 2023
Belarus: Russia's Achilles' Heel?
I talked to the Silicon Curtain
channel/podcast about Belarus's political system and the war in Ukraine. Watch/listen here.

14 November 2023

"Belarus: Russian Ally, European Outcast"
CEVIPOL, Université libre de Bruxelles

I gave a lecture in Brussels. In person only;
all welcome to attend. 12-2pm.
Link to event details here.

8 November 2023
Understanding the World: Belarus
I spoke to Timon Wunderlich about Belarus for the podcast series "Understanding the World".
You can watch/listen here.

17 October 2023
UK-Belarus forum,
London South Bank University

I participated in an event discussing UK support for democracy in Belarus. Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya gave a keynote speech, followed by a panel discussion, chaired by Professor Alan Flowers, with  Rosemary Thomas OBE, me, Hanna Liubakova, and Ales Patrusau.

14 September 2023
"EU ambition shows exiled Belarus opposition is out of touch"
Open Democracy

I published an article with openDemocracy, which can be read here. They also ran a response article. I added a few additional comments in a blog post.

8 July 2023
The Page 99 Test
My book was given "the page 99 test", stemming from Ford Madox Ford's remark: "Open [any] book to page 99 ... and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you." Read the post here.

28 April 2023
"Protest, War, and the Forging of a Belarus Nation"
Annual Lecture on Belarusian Studies,
UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies

The 8th annual instalment of the conference "Belarusian Studies in the 21st Century" took place in London. I delivered the Annual Lecture on Belarusian Studies. You can watch the lecture here.

21 April 2023
New Books Network Podcast
You can listen to me talking to Tim Gwynn Jones about Belarus and my new book here.
The Megaphone link looks like it is ad-free, though you will need to scroll (or CTRL+F) to find the relevant recording.


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