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Who Am I?

I write about international politics and security policy, with a particular focus on Russia and Belarus. My first book, Belarus in Crisis: From Domestic Unrest to the Russia-Ukraine War, is available from Hurst Publishers (details here). I'm currently working on a second book which is about US-Russia relations. I have a PhD in International Relations from the University of Oxford and am currently a research fellow with the Warwick Ukraine-Belarus Hub (WUB Hub) at the University of Warwick. Please see here for details of other services I can offer.

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You can find me on X/Twitter (@paulhansbury1). For readers interested in human rights, then I would like to point you to my late wife's book: taking up philosophical criticisms of the liberal basis for human rights, it offers a reformulation grounded in relational theory. Why not order a copy for your local/institutional library? 

Thank you for visiting my website!

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